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Hi im 25 and 3 weeks ago was diagnosed with depression and anxiety 2 weeks ago i started geting headaches and like a tingling sensation around my head , stiff neck ache behind the eyes and like someone is pressing my ear can anyone let me know if this is normal ive never had anything wrong with me before im quite active ex armed forces , im starting to panic about a bout my health after a cancer scare

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hi stu sorry to see youve been through the mill ! its still earth days regarding how quickly you will see any improvement i presume the doctor has given you anti depressants if so yòu will proberlly. not get the full effect for another 4 weeks but keep it up take care david x


Hello stu,

This onset could be because of the cancer scare.When you feel anxious try to take long deep breaths and relax as much as you can.

These type of attacks can increase or simply stop for no reason,sounds like you have had a scare and at times that is all that is needed for anxiety to grab a foothold.

I suggest you speak more with your doctor and see what kind of support they can offer.


Ive been dealing with depression and anxiety for ten years and one thing I have learned is that it can cause many symptoms. When my anxiety is high i get a headache around my eyes and forehead and it feels like my ears are closing in. It sounds like what your experiencing could definlitely be due to anxiety and depression.



These are typical symptoms of anxiety , when we get anxious are adrenaline , oxygen etc has to go round twice as fast we use more which can create how you are feeling

Not sure if you are on meds but if so could be a side effect

I know easier said than done but try not to worry this will make is worse & if you are in any doubt go & see your Doctor they can reassure you x

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Yes I can relate. I have had anxiety ever since I got shot back in 05. I have had all different symptoms like racing heart, trouble breathing, shakes, numbness and more. Once I had a problem where my neck was so stiff all the way up to my skull and arms felt weak. This lasted for about 2 weeks. Everyone told me that I probably slept wrong. But in my mind I'm thinking it was like bleeding in my brain or MS. I scared the crap out of myself. I had to take Xanax all the time just to relax because I was convinced that I was going to die. I've gone to the Dr. ER had blood test ran, X-rays, EKG's and I have never had anything come back. I even wore a heart monitor before. I'm totally convinced that is just all a mind thing and I make it a bigger issue than it really is. Sometimes I tell myself if you die it's your time. I hate living my life like this but I do not want to take medication daily. I'll take a piece of Xanax when I cant calm it down and that works tremendously!


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