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Feeling ill a lot- Anxiety related or not?

I've had Anxiety for about 3 years now, I had it so bad that I couldn't even leave my house, that was 2 years! I finally got my life back on track, still had horrible anxiety but I just went through and tried as best as I could to go about my life like everyone else. Sometimes I start to feel ill, kind of like the flu or something but its not. I was wondering if Anxiety can cause you to feel ill even if you don't feel anxious? This feeling ill comes and goes so thats why I think its probably Anxiety. I also have an underactive thyroid, don't know if that has anything to do with this but thought I would mention it just incase.

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Hi. I also have an underactive thyroid and am an anxiety sufferer. I get the exact "ill" or flu like symptoms too, but I tend to put this down to my thyroid. Mine also comes and goes and when I feel it I have to be extra kind to myself and rest a lot. Maybe you need some bloods done to see how your thyroid is functioning? It may mean that you need an increase in your medications?


I think your right it could be the thyroid, I only started on tablets 2 weeks ago as my thyroid test came back as 14! It's always been abnormal since it runs in my family and I've been having tests for years but they never get to the number that needed tablets until just a few weeks ago. I'm due another blood test next month actually so maybe I do need more medication.

Thanks for your reply! :)


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