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Anxiety? Or worse?


This is my first ever post on a site like this. I have had anxiety on and off for years now coming in bouts for a few weeks at a time then disappearing for months at a time. But lately its something else.. I had some minor anxiety for a few days (nothing i couldn't deal with). It was Sunday night and i remember telling my flatmate that i was feeling a lot better. Feeling pretty good that i had beaten my old friend anxiety i went off to sleep like a normal Sunday night. I woke up Yesterday morning in a completely spaced out disorientated mindset. Its like i'm over focused on everything i do and completely trapped in my own head. i cant concentrate on anything and i keep analyzing everything i do and think as if i'm going crazy. It is the most unpleasant feeling and i'm so scared i'm going to be trapped in this trance like state forever :(

Does anyone know if this is anxiety? I've read a bit about similar symptoms.. some people labeling it "de-realization".

But my over active mind keeps thinking "what if" its something else etc etc.. It's got me absolutely terrified. Reading what I've just wrote, i'm not even sure it makes any sense.


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Hi there,

That is exactly what's happened to me lately. Do you feel like you hardly know what's going on around you or what other people are talking about because you're so trapped in your head thinking way too deeply about your own stresses?

I've been having panic attacks as well too...

The Heal store have put me on Adaptan , this helps your adrenals as well and has calmed me. I've found it only works if you take it a instructions say (2x daily) and don't miss a day. Chamomile tea also calms and clears your head.

Other than this help I don't know what to say as I've been struggling too!!

Take care,



Yes that sounds exactly right. I have those EXACT symptoms.. Have you had it before in the past? if so how long did it last?


Well I'm only 21 so it's fairly new to me, I have a lot of stress on atm, and once I get through it I'm hoping It'll pass! Maybe sleep is what we are missing out on too?

Please please try vitamin B, they help so much! On Sunday i had a really bad foggy day and I didn't want Monday to be like it as well. I remember my mum telling me about vitamin B and how good this is for stress so I Googled it and it appears that so many of us are deprived of it these days. Anyway, on Monday I had 2 vitamin B tablets and they definitely helped! And I can see them improving me if I have them everyday. You will feel much clearer in your head and hopefully be able to focus more on the everyday things and help cope with your stress. Take care!!!({})


Yesterday was my first post ever on a site like this too! And I'm glad I did as I've been given support and help from lovely people which has helped!


Yes i'm only 22.. well actually 23 now, today is my birthday.. my first really bad anxiety came just after my 20th birthday.. it lasted for about 7 months but i got through it and came out a better person. I Remember this spaced out feeling then but it only lasting for hours at a time.. now its lasting for days and i'm afraid it will be forever. What is it that has you so stressed out? have you been able to eliminate anything that causes this stress?


Yes ok, well Happy Birthday from me=-D Well really my job situation, I only have a 2 day job as the previous job I was made redundant as they ran out of work. I have had only a 2 or 3 day job since October. So really it's money troubles as I'm trying to save for my wedding and setting up a house and it's very hard like this. I'm thinking that once I am eventually married and am settled - I will be much better off as a change of circumstance is as good as a remedy. Also living with difficult parents at the moment does my head in. I'm trying to think of the positives as much as possible as mine is lasting for days now too whereas it used to be only hours. Are you getting enough sleep? And have you got anything coming up that may change your living circumstances?


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