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Heed Help!!!!Need Advice!!!!!

I found out that I have a 1.5 cm piuitary gland mass, and which is relieved to me to find out that something physically is actually wrong with me because I have been having both physical and mental symptoms since Febuary 14 of this year.Before I found out I had a mass I wasalways paranoid if there is actually wrong with, which my psychiatrist sayid"there is nothing wrong " and said sarcastically when I told her I got reffered to do a MRI "what do you think they're going to find, a tumor haha".

We always talked about Depersonalization. And derealization which she said "but you arent schizophrenic" and I told her but cant you still get it from anxiety which she said yes.Then we talked off topic but I brought up Depersonalization because I was having symptomd and she said "oh its part of anxiety" which she confused me.

And it scares me because I dont know if I have it or not because I feel like I am going crazy.Everything just looks weird to me.I feel like my brain is sleep mode still, I feel like I am dreaming,everything looks not familiar to me but then again it does, my family, my room.I feel like Im in my imagination or I am dead.My eyesight seems off but then again it doesnt,my eyes feel tired.I feel like I am high.I dont know how to explainI black out for seconds sometimes,Sometimes I get confused,sometimes I get a moment where I dont who I am or where I am at. .When I look at my hands or in the mirror, I feel like thats nog me.I feel like a zombie.I zone out alot, and when I am doing something I feel like Im not really doing it, I feel detatched from myself. It gets worse if I am in bad lighting.And it scares me because I am always think "What if its not derealization/ Depersonalization,what if it doesnt go awaywhat if I am just going crazy and nothing is real"

I talked to my neruologist and he said derealization/Depersonalization can be a symptom to pituitary gland mass but told me to talk to my psychiatrist, but my psychiatrist is no help.I feel like if I get surgery to take the mass out to get medication to shrink, those symptoms I am feeling wont go away.

If you any of you can help me out, that would be great, if have any questions,I will be happy to answer them,Thank you.

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Goodness you have been going threw a lot! If you want to set me in a tailspin tell me something I believe is important to me is all in my head. Your psychtrist is not being respectable brushing you off like that. Even if she doesn't believe what you telling her is a certain way- she never should of spoke to you sacastically.

I have experienced many of the lucid detached episodes as you have. They could be a result of extreme anxiety. I never heard of a pituitary gland before. If getting that mass removed is what is best for you and your medical doctor then I hope you get it out soon.

Do you feel maybe you are spending so much of yourself trying to convince others of what you are going threw and it is falling on deaf ears? I believe you. You know when I am feeling that kind of detachment from my body - I want to tell someone who listens. I have something very weird happen to me when I am under extreme stress. It started when I was a child. I see invisible rain. Like I can see the motion of rain falling in my vision but it is not real. And that is caused by my anxiety. That is how strong anxiety can be.

I don't know about pituitary glands but having a mass never sounds like a good thing. Please keep me updated. I am interested in hearing how everything works out for you! Hoping for only good news! Sincerely, Aspen.

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Thank you so so much!And yes I will keep you updated!

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