When will it end

These skipped heartbeats are so scary yesterday I felt more calm and this morning they just started without any warning I know my hormones are out of wack because I just had a baby but is this normal I had a full blown anxiety attack Thursday night and haven't been sleeping I feel so stressed and these skipped heartbeats are making me more and More anxious.


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  • Hi,

    I totally understand. Remember that anxiety attacks come without warning. The contributing factor is your hormonea. The best thing to do no matter how bad the anxiety is and the skipped heartbeats, take deep breaths and keep repeating to yourself, "it's only anxiety and it will not kill me." Praying for you. Be blessed! Congratulations on your new addition.

  • Thanks Kenya I know all this but why can't I get a grip and control it uugh this is so frustrating I should be happy and enjoying my new addition but I'm buried with worries thanks for replying and the prayers 😆

  • I totally understand. Remember I've been battling anxiety and depression for 21 years now and still have some hard days. Sometimes I want to bury myself in my blankets,and drift away BUT I think about my babies and I FIGHT back. You have to fight back. You'll win this battle. Also, if you are nursing, you'll definitely get symptoms of anxiety. Hugs

  • Wow 21 years that's tough but u always make me feel better with your replies I am nursing and I feel like my body was being deprived of vitamins and stuff so yesterday I got some prenatals and fish oil and I started my calcium and magnesium with vitamin d supplement back and also started exercising. I broke down the other day and prayed and asked God to give me the strength to get thru this once again I refuse to let it overwhelm me its just scary at times.

  • Awww, that's awesome that you are taking control. I haven't been in here in a while but I still see the posts, when I saw your post, I had to reply. I know you will be fine. This may be a battle for the both of us but we will overcome it.

    Keep pushing....xoxox

  • Ye takes along time for your body to get back to normal etc after a baby my youngest is ten weeks and my hormones are all over to just get ya vitamins down ya keep busy you'll be fine remember ya not dying when panicking ano it's hard to explain but you'll be fine I've suffered for seven year I'm exhausted when I have a funny turn I run and lay down because I'm panicking that much

  • Yes I think its really out of wack (my hormones) since I had him he is just 1 mnth I just hope we all can get through this its so hard sometimes😢😢

  • Really hard takes along time to get back to normal I've never give my body time to recover lol as I have a 10 yr old a 7yr old a 6yr old and 3 yr old and a ten week old all boys so it's hard your get there in the end dint have any more kids till you sort out that's my advice lol x

  • Oh I'm so done I have 2a girl 7 and my boy 1 month never had this with my first.

  • Ah be kind to yourself. You have just had a baby. Your body has just gone through nine months and then a labour. It's only natural you are feeling like this. I know I did and so did my daughter. Everything will settle down including the palpitations (and yes they are horrible, I have them too). I know it's easier said than done but do try to rest as much as you can. Palpitations can be a sigh of exhaustion both physically and mentally. Congrats on a your beautiful new little one.

  • Thank u so much I know for sure I'm exhausted honestly I haven't rest since I had him I don't even know what sleep looks like when he sleeps I'm always up doing something

  • No, please don't do that. You body is telling you that you must rest. The housework can wait. Do you have any help?

  • No its just me and my 7 yr old I jus need to know that everything doesn't always have to be done and perfect and I have a hard time understanding that.

  • Just like me I'm always on the go never rest I can't I have ocd so there's no way my house work can wait 😁

  • My baby girl is 4 months old now and as for me I went through actually a great comfortable pregnancy but now I'm having such bad anxiety symptoms. The skipped heart beats has stopped now it's sharp stapping pains feels like in my heart. I'm definitely exhausted because anxiety doesn't want me to sleep. Trying to be the best mother for my 2 year old as well as for baby. I work as well and only provider in my house so it's hectic. I was doing really well suddenly its back with force

  • It's hard ye I get stabbing pains all my pregnancys were straight forward and births loved it I think my body's never going to be normal anymore

  • I know exactly how u feel its just me and my 7 yr old and 1 month old and you know a mother's work is never done I guess we jus need to find balance . The skipped heartbeats really scares me and it's like when one symptom leaves another approaches.

  • I know how you feel :(

  • Do you have the same symptom as well.?

  • Yes i have skipped heart beats (palpitations) a lot and if one symptom stops for a while then another one comes a long and makes me worry again

  • I had palpitations way before and during my pregnancy but its been one thing after the other since having her and i feel like i cant truely live and be happy.

  • I know exactly how it is and we are told its all in our heads but these feelings are very real

  • Yes ive been to drs and er and everything i tell them gets dismissed.. I think mostly because they think that nothing can be too wrong with a young 25 year old. Im not looking for anything to be wrong im just looking for answers to my symptoms and a solution to help. The palpitations have always been my number one issue. We dont deserve to live in fear!

  • No we don't at all not everyone understands anxiety I didn't even understand it u til I started experiencing it myself did u know there are over 100 symptoms from anxiety. Its a good thing that your check ups are fine.

  • Yes its hard to believe all the symptoms that are caused by anxiety. A lot of it is psychological. Sometimes I feel like the only one that deals with this but im glad there's others like you that can relate.

  • Have you had tests on your heart?

  • Yes I've had ECG and blood test done all came back fine.

  • I wondering if I have ocd I hope not lol

  • I pray for each one on this forum. GOD knows how we suffer each day

  • I pray to him everyday to heal me I wish none of us will ever have to suffer from this disorder anymore in Jesus name amen

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