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Doom health Anxiety

I can be fine then I get these feelings like really weird ,feel really awful and I think I am going to die I try and say to myself it's only a symptom ,

When I had clots in my lungs(PE,S ) I was not worried at all

Which really I could have died as I had multible clots !!!

Why do we get these weird feelings ,would be grateful of answers please x

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It's probably partly ptsd from knowin that you had the clots. Now you're so focused on your health and the anxiety can cause symptoms all by itself. Try and keep active and eat healthy and get regular check ups with you gp to put your mind at ease about your health. Best of luck to you!

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I can relate. When I had serious problems I knew what we had to do to tackle them and I could deal. It's the unknown that is scary. How can we be so strong in these real problems, like super strong and matter of fact, then obsess over imagined issues. I don't have the answer, but just saying I can relate.

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Thank you so much that has really helped me as I was feeling kinda lost x


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