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Hello new here. Been dealing with anxiety pretty heavily since my wife's cancer diagnosis in November. Now I've turned into quite the hypochondriac. I guess I'm wondering can health anxiety cause you to develop "pretend " health issues like feelings of electric shocks in the body, tremors, unsteadiness, weakness feelings in limbs, etc...? Honestly wasn't feeling any of these 6 months ago. This really sucks 😕


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  • The answer is yes. I was doing better with my health anxiety and feelings of being unwell and then my father passed away and they all came roaring back. Most days I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack (what he died of). I get weak, dizzy, nauseous, etc. If I take my mind off it by getting engrossed in something really interesting, it goes away. So hard to make that relaxation happen though. Good luck!

  • Thank you for your reply and I'm sorry for your loss

  • Can't imagine your pain. Though my Died last year. I don't think we ever get over things like that; we simply learn to live with the pain. Give me a shout when you feel the need.

  • Yes most definitely I get all of those symptoms and more! Just remind yourself that it's the anxiety! Have you seen anyone for your anxiety?

  • I've spoken with a holistic doctor and he gave me L Theanine to calm my nerves when I feel an attack coming. My GP gave me xanex but I'm afraid to take it.

  • I have taken Xanax before very low dose but still very effective. BUT very addictive, you should also look into therapy/ counseling that could help you a lot! Also working out and taking a hot-cold shower could calm you or maybe a hot bath with Epsom salt, even massage therapy helps. There are many options out there for you to try and if they don't work DO NOT panic because there's always something else for you to do just remain positive and continue to take your meds until you are able to change the Xanax. You could also take Benadryl it will make you drowsy but it helps somewhat. Xanax just feels like you're numb kinda drunk feeling that's why many people get hooked on it, but taking it a couple times will not make you an addict.

  • Xanax .25 mg is what I use when I am panicked. That is excellent that you have a holistic doctor, if L-theanine was prescribed, ask about Skull Cap. I drink Skull Cap tea and it helps a lot.

  • Yes, I have health anxiety too and all those symptoms are classic anxiety. With health anxiety you are super focused on yourself and zone in on sensations. When a sensation scares you enough, your flight or fight response kicks in which will increase cortisol and adrenaline in your body causing intensified and more symptoms. As some of you have also experienced, I lost my father, and my therapist said that his death has influenced my condition.

  • Hello I totally agree with everyone,I too have health anxiety I also have ptsd anxiety disorder. all because my mum died in my arms I saw it all felt it all and that was my health anxiety TRIGGER every pain I get I automatically think I'm dying of some terminal illness. I never had it until I lost mum.I had anxiety and depression before though because I suffered from physical violence abuse as a child so my therapist said losing mum brought it all to the surface. This illness is so hard because you battle with yourself you completely convince yourself your dying and then I get this strong feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach then heart feels it's pumping out your chest fast breathing sweaty palms etc, no point me going on we all feel it.

    Maybe we could all help each other through this please remember you are not alone and this is NORMAL because you're wife has cancer you are also suffering from seeing her go through it. It's all related I'm ever so sorry you and your wife are going through this I'm sending you both {{hugs}} here if you need a chat too

    Love NAT 😀

  • Thank y'all for all the kind words and support. Reading here has really helped remind me to take life one day at a time and enjoy it.

  • Honestly health anxiety sucks. It will give you many hundreds of very real physical ailments. Best thing I can say although I struggle with this is to avoid dr google because it will only fuel the fire. You can by all means learn facts about a few problems you're stressing about even the NHS website says this is fine but don't google symptoms because google never comes back with anything simple it's always the very worst case scenario. I hope that your wife is doing ok and that she is able to pull through I also hope that you are also getting the support that you need. Xx

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