I need some advice

So I've been dealing with lots of anxiety and depression I can't think straight sometimes I feel like I'm in a dream does this happened to anyone else and will it get better? Also I been working for a mental hospital for 3 yes and I was sexually harassed and that's where all my anxiety started my Dr put me out for one week and increased my Zoloft to 100mg but honestly I don't want to go back just knowing that my one week is coming up it scares me and makes me very anxious please I need some advice should I go back or quit my job


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4 Replies

  • Hi first off let the medication help heal your mind then when you can think straight . Decide how you feel about your job . If you need to chat message me Ian

  • Thank you so much for our help means a lot 😇

  • Yes, most of us have dealt with depersonalization (I think it's called) and that's normal for anxiety. I hope you've reported the harasser. That's not okay.

  • Don't Quit. Just be strong and fuck whoever harassed u. I'm 25 and about 4 months I feel like I'm gonna die it sucks. I'm too young for this bs

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