Really need some advice on anti depressants!

Hi everyone, I have been suffering from depression on and off for 14 years now, I am currently on fluxeotine 40mg which has helped in the past but doesn't seem to be helping at all now! I am extremely anxious and very depressed tot he point where everything seems so hopeless and I look forward to going to bed at night for a break from it all. Wondered if anyone knew of simlar anti d's to fluxeotine that maybe a stronger and could help me more?

Thanks in advance!

Lucy x


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  • Hi Lucy the same thing happened to me with fluoxetine,was on it about 10 years ago and was fine,got myself together and came off it,then a couple of years ago anxiety reared its ugly head again and was given fluoxetine.Wow did it make me feel I'll one night got so bad I ended up in A+E was told to keep on taking it,but after another week just had to stop taking it and took a while to get out of my system.Was offered other antidepressant s but after that episode was afraid to take them,Having said that we re all not the same so talk to your doc about it.I took Propranolol for a time which is not an antidepressant but helps with racing heart.I don't take any meds at mo just rescue remedy when panic takes over.Must admit to struggling with anxiety day to day! Its a tough call really!

    Take care


  • Hi Kath. Depends on where you are. And indeed in which part of the world as we have people all over the globe. Start with looking up your area mental health team. I live in Derbyshire UK so my contact is Talking Mental Health Derbyshire . They all link in with our Health Care Providers . Let me know if you manage to sort something out . I was told to look up Mark Williams who is expert on Mindfulness. He is on you tube . Take care

  • Cheers for getting back to me,gonna give it a go,do you know something I think talking is one of the best therapies,even just having chats with m8s (not always about your worries and fears tho just general chit chat) I live in County Durham UK BTW. Gonna def look into it!

    Hope you have a stress free day!

    Kath :)

  • There are other treatments for depression . I think Gps are to quick to hand out antidepressants instead of offering other alternative therapies .I have looked into Mindfulness training and contacted Derbyshire Mental Health. I am hoping to start the eight week course in April. The Gp didn't offer me this service. I didn't even know it was available or a recommended proven treatment for depression with excellent results. And its free through NHS . There are no magic pills for depression. No one should suffer years of this debilitating illness. To hear people say they have been on medication for years shows me It ain't working and time to look at more modern treatments.

  • I totally agree meds not always the answer.How would I get in touch with someone re Mindfulness training? I'm interested in this.



  • Hi been looking at Mindfulness training and unfortunately there are no sessions near to me, did you say you can access these courses on NHS because looking at them they are quite expensive,having said that if there was something nearer to me I would def give it a go! I believe in holistic treatments, and try and meditate myself on a daily basis via guided meditation.I also do Reiki which is wonderful,but my Reiki Master only works limited times a month and is sometimes difficult to get an appointment! Please keep in touch and good luck with your Mindfulness training hope you get your life back on track!


  • Hi Kath . Have you had a look at Talking Changes County Durham . You can do self referral via the Mental Health Team. Worth a try asking if they provide Mindfulness courses . Fingers Crossed

  • Hi cheers 4 getting back to me,tried Talking Changes a couple of years ago after episode with Fluoxetine, they did help but I sometimes felt like a child getting told off 4 stuff,I still have the literature they gave me and do go through it from time to time.I think the GAD7 questionnaire they do is not the best diagnosis. The Mindfulness training do a meditation retreat in Hexham and I may try it in the summer.In the meantime gonna carry on without meds and just continue with Reiki (going next Thurs) and guided meditation.

    Thank you so much for your help and support.

    Have a good day


  • Hi lucy hope youre ok.i have ptsd but have done the whole anti depressant thing.they ruined me.i had treatment but now just st johns wort and try to release good chemicals by exercising and not too much caffeine.i think personally we can only expect so much from meds.take care

  • I forgot try mindfulness and put effort into rexation and breathing techniques.lots of cd's out there

  • I was on one drug that worked for 6 years, then depression/anxiety broke though, Ive been on Zoloft since 1999, and it may be time for a change. Your body changes as you get older...dont I know it. What worked at 36 doesnt work at 56. Perhaps sanity is all chemistry. Your Dr, will help you figuere it out.

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