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Best cure for anxiety

Hi everyone ,

I've been suffering from anxiety ,

Pains , palpitations , sick thoughts , blurry vision , losing touch with reality , anything you can imagine ...

I started to look for an immediate relief without taking any medicine , I quit nicotine and caffeine , left my work to start with relaxing , meditation , yoga , spirituals ...

Coz I've been told many times that it is so hard and almost impossible to cure anxiety without the anti depressants (SSRI) , because at the end it's body and brain chemistry ! We totally agree , but I insisted to try on ...

Now before telling you guys what's the new treatment that I found , I want you to tell me if you believe that anxiety can be treated without the PILL ! ?

Anyways someone told me that if you start listening to QURAN at night before you go to sleep that will help you !!!

so I opened the youtube ... My first search was " nice voice Quran "

I slept while listening , nothing different !

I went on daily basis ... Quran before bed ....

After a week or so ... My every night sad dreams began to change somehow into positive dreams .

It's like a small piece of my brain is in peace .

A breath of happiness emerge in the winds of sadness !

Surprised I was !

Listing to Quran recitation made me happier day after day .

Try it even if you undeeatand nothing , it's amazing .

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Thank you for your suggestion.I practise mindfulness meditation once or twice a day for 20 minutes since my breakdown(depression,panic attacks,extreme anxiety)I am not a Buddhist.I also practise yoga regularly now since the 8 week MBSR course 2 years ago.I am not a Hindu.Both very very helpful.

Will give it a try.Anxiety on waking is my worst time of day,so what do I have to lose?


Naomi , hope your getting better , can you tell me more about the courses and how can I practice such thing :) .


You have chose the Quran, when I needed peace I came across "Sunrise" Tai Chi by Boko Suzuki.....never heard end of first track yet....


Hope you are feeling better. I meditate on Scripture from the Holy bible which has given me such peace. I am Christian. My anxiety has lessen and peace is increasing.


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