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Emotophobia . help ?

so im trying out for competitive cheerleading in 2 months and in cheerleading they do stunts, tumbling , and a dance at the end , all in 2 minutes and 30 seconds . and i know 2 minutes and 30 doesn't sound long , but when your doing non stop back tucks & back handsprings , stunts and a dance , it's feels like forever . and ive known a few girls who have puked on the mat during their routine , and it freaks me out bc i HATE puking . and im so scared that ill puke . does anybody know something i could do to prevent this ?

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Might not help but I know when I have been watching programmes like Dancing on Ice when they have to do the spinning around & the motion has made them feel sick they have took a sickness tablet before & it seemed to work

Just a thought , others may have some more good ideas :-)





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