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Is it Anxiety or something Physical?

I've suffered from many symptoms for a number of years now and they don’t seem to get much better.

These include depression, anxiety, sleep problems, vitiligo (since I was teenager but very slow spread, premature grey hairs (gradual progression since 1 year ago), acne (moderate since teenager), low sex drive, lack of erections, no sporadically erections, obsessiveness, slight ridging on nails, restless legs, feeling weak.

I binge drink at the weekend about 40+ units of alcohol, but have no alcohol in the week. I don’t smoke or do drugs.

Blood tests have revealed MCV raised at 100 - retest found this to lower to 98 so far after 3 months of recommended vitamin B supplement - hoping it will lower further as I keep supplementing and try to lower alcohol intake to just once a week and skip a week or two to give my body a rest.

I had the test for IF Antibody,

Result was 2.7

Range: 0-10

Result: within range.

Cortisol seemed high at 630, range max was 550, but time of day was confusing as my sleep pattern was messed up when taken. My DHEAs were a bit high out the range at 15+ range max was 13.

Thyroid is fine. Liver fine. Etc.

So maybe it’s the alcohol and a vitamin B deficiency that has caused these symptoms as this is pointed out basically in the MCV test?

The only other thing I considered was Cushing’s or Addison’s but doubt them but who knows? What are your thoughts? Both are linked to a number of symptoms and also cortisol levels - or am I just wasting time energy and money on that?

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Hi! My little sister..she will be 21 also has vitiligo. She has passed out on random well as other symptoms. I advised her to have her thyroid a result, she found that she has hyperthyroid. Not sure if you've had your thyroid checked..but maybe consider it?

Like you, I also have a high MCV. I was told it is insignificant unless other numbers are off. However, I am always exhausted and just do not feel I'll pass out and die any moment. But they tell me it's anxiety and the sooner I accept that the better.


Hi, done number of Thyroid tests including antibody. All passed good.

High MCV as I know is linked to Vitamin B deficency. If you MCV was high then you should be supplementing with B Complex like I have done and re-check 6 months later. After 3 month my MCV dropped from 100 to 98 hopefully because of my vitamin B supplements. Also, if you drink alcohol (something I've done twice a week for 5 years), then you'll probably become B deficent.

Hope that helps you anyway and yes Vitamin B deficency can cause you to feel more anxious and depressed due to larger blood cells.


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