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Help me out! Anxiety is killing me

My stress is due to my love relationship (I feel I am very possessive) and my office work pressure. Previously my office work was not stressing me out, but I don't know why now I feel so weak and take stress all the time.

The worst thing which I am facing is when I am stressed, my mood goes down and I can't eat, skip meals and feel like vomiting and this is causing me weight loss.

Please advice what should I do?

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Best thing at the moment is probably that you understand the main causes already so can begin to work on treating them and coping better.

I would recommend you try dealing with the two problem areas; starting with partner- maybe speak to them about how you feel, until you feel better. If they don't listen or show interest maybe they are not good for you.

Work is always tricky depending how secure you feel and how understanding the employer is- maybe leave this area til last as you may feel better once you address relationship difficulties successfully. Is there a problem at work? You may be able to sort it out with help from your manager.

If the problems get worse or you find you need outside help, I suggest you speak to your GP, and ask for any help they can offer like referral for a psychological therapy. Ask about the IAPT team in your area (Improving Access to Psychological Therapy) (

Also try Anxiety UK for support. Free email and online chat is available at

Also some employers have counsellors or occupational health teams that can help, or look to your union if you have difficulties at work or there are changes there you are worried about.

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Thank you very much Dibble for your kind reply. I discussed with my partner and she has genuine reasons to work in Media, which I am not accepting. I don't want to go against her, but my mind comes up with so many negative thoughts and that's bothering me. Everyone do mistakes and I don't know why I don't accept her mistakes until and unless I let her realize it badly. Sometimes I feel very insecure. Indeed, she is a very good person and I do not want to lose her. Its been 6years we are in this relationship.

lol sometimes I even laugh at myself and say, how can someone controls all your emotions and why my mood based on someone.

Yes, I also believe same that when I am in a good mood, I handle my work properly. I know when my mind 100% with me, I perform well.

Now I take tension of small small things. Worried about everything.

Hope, I will control myself soon.



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