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So drained

I feel so terrible again!! .. It's 3:10am I can't sleep everytime I do I drift of and have a sensation that I can't breath and keep waking up. My hearts beating so slow and keeps skipping beats I'm so scared I just can't win if my hearts racing I panic n if my hearts so slow I panic I don't even want to go sleep cos I'm scared I will die in my sleep like my brain will tell me to stop breathing

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Does anyone get where there heart thumps and has a massive rush in there body I'm so sick of this am I dying? Someone please before to late


Hi Kaaayla hope you managed to get some sleep! I NEVER sleep well,especially if I have something on my mind.(which seems to be always!) The feelings I get when in panic mode are like electric shocks to my heart! and then it feels as though its coming out of my chest.I have been on Propranolol in the past and it did help,although at first was on a too high dosage and just made me feel really tired all the time.Once it was tweaked a bit I was fine! However I came off it since I didn't want to rely on meds too much! Its such a terrible feeling when your heart s pounding away and pretty scary too.Some good advice I was given is to hold onto something that's close to you,I have chakra stones in a velvet bag and hang onto them and ask powers of good and light to help me through it all,its just a comfort to have something to cling onto! It could even be a teddy bear just cuddle it into you!

Take care and let me know how you are getting on!



Hi Kaayla. It would seem you are experiencing the classic symptoms of anxiety which can be frightening especially if at night. The main thing to understand and remind yourself when its happening is that you will NOT stop breathing and nothing terrible is going to happen to you. You can buy or download helpful tapes that will help you relax before sleep or when in bed. Breathing exercises really help too. Take a slow deep breath from your diaphragm - hold for a second or too then let out. Do this for several minutes and concentrate only on the breathing (nothing else). I find this calms the mind fast, reduces heart rate and you will feel less anxious. Also consider doing a CBT course which should also include a plan for sleep hygiene. Your GP should be able to refer you to one. Good luck.


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