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Basically I had a panic attack on weed which led to depersonilsation derealization disorder, I've trained and worked to get past this so much in the last few months and have come an extremely long way, no panic attacks in 5 months but I feel I'm still addicted to thinking the dp dr thoughts, so I've done everything but am at my last step of recovery, letting go... Because I had dp dr I felt I was going crazy for a while and now I'm afraid if I give up concentrating on not being dp dr and move on I'll fall back down into the shit, any advice, should I just go for it and leave it behind and move on with my life forever?


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  • Hi James. Are these official diagnosis of your conditions? I presume a GP has made the diagnosis? What medications are you taking? Has your GP referred you to any therapy?

  • Physiatrist made the diagnosis but I already new I had dp dr, I tried meds but not for long and I went to therapies but now I'm ready to move on.

  • Oh my god.... I really want to talk to you about this as that's exactly what happened to me five years ago and I am still struggling

  • Need to talk to you

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