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Anxiety sucks

My anxiety has gotten so bad lately. I worry about every constant sensation that my body tends to make. First it started with tension headaches every other day now i have neck pain and constant pressure in my head. I feel so tense its hard for me to lay down properly so im sitting up. Im convinced it must be the birth control pills im taking because i was fine before taking them but idk..... Im so tired of feeling worked up.

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Nick, you are not alone. Most of us on this site are dealing with anxiety in some form. We are learning to cope. It takes practice. If your MD says you are okay physically, then you know that your condition is a state of mind. Seeing a good therapist who will not load you with medicine which may have side affects. What are you anxious about? I found dealing with the cause of my anxiety helps. Little by little...not an overnight remedy. Also, I find that deep breathing and thinking about positive things about situations, other people, and myself. Seeing what's good and working well in my life helped. Knowing that my anxiety is not a terminal illness helps. Do some things that you like that will take your focus off yourself. Read a good book, watch a good humorous G rated movie. Give yourself a hug. Praying for you.


I had neck pain and head pressure, a couple shooting pains but bad, like the lights went out. Went to the dr, had xrays. Turns out it is because I'm constantly tensing up, like constantly. Now I check myself every little while and sure enough, tensing even when I'm in bed ready to fall asleep. After a few weeks of checking and untensing every time I think of it the pain and headaches are greatly improved. You may want to try it. Now I still worry about every other little sensation :)


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