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I am a 27 yr old mental health student, engaged, with a 14 month old baby. I have been up and down since I was a teenager, diagnosed with several things in past few years but not quite sure which diagnosis was right. Been diagnosed with bipolar, general anxiety, depression, and ADHD. I have experienced really bad depression where I wished to die but never acted on my suicidal ideations. Medication and therapy helped me through it. when I got pregnant I stopped all meds and felt great. Whatever the hormones did to me it worked. I felt great even when I had the baby and was breastfeeding. For the past several months, I have been feeling worse and worse. My mind is so foggy and disorganized I struggle to complete a sentance sometimes. I was getting increasingly anxious since starting my Masters and have gotten that relatively under control thru therapy but I'm stuck with this foggy head where I can't think straight I can't really remember things or string along a complete though without an exhorbinant amount of effort. Anyone have any insight about my foggy head? It's actually made me quite angry all the time. I've begun to get so frustrated at everything when really I'm frustrated with myself because I can't get my head straight. I even am contemplating breakin things off with my fiancé but I can't tell whether his is what I really want because I can't think straight! Any support is appreciated.

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Brain fog is very common with anxiety! In fact they have even done studies on it! I go through cycles where I feel very foggy (almost confused), I'll start talking and literally have to stop and think about a word mid sentance because I can't think of the word! It makes me feel very irritated and upset with myself. However, I just remind myself that I've been here before, it will pass eventually and everything will be ok. Try not to dwell on it, or concentrate on it because it will make it worse! Just tell yourself it's your anxiety and keep plugging on!


Thanks for the feedback. It helps to know other people experience it too.


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