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Really anxious and panicky about starting new job tomorrow


Hi, I'm feeling extremely nervous about a new job I'm starting tomorrow. I suffer with anxiety and have struggled in previous jobs because of it and consequently had to leave my previous job a few months ago because I was going through a tough time of it, mainly because of a big family break up.

I've been having hypnotherapy since I left my job and it is really helping but it feels like I'm completely overwhelmed with anxiety and feeling panicky worrying about tomorrow. I haven't met any of the managers or my new colleagues as I had a telephone interview so the thought of meeting a new team who I've never even seen before is also making me feel really anxious. I also have confidence issues so worry whether I will fit in and if I will be able to do the job as I'm expected to.

I want to get back in to work as I've had some time off and it's starting to become a struggle financially, I also don't want my partner to have to work and pay for everything as it's not fair on him. I feel as though a couple more months off may have just given me that extra time to get back on track. But this job came up and I was lucky enough to get it.

Sorry to go on on here but I'm really struggling today. I know I will probably be up half the night worrying about it too.


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It's completely normal to feel nervous when you start a new job, so go easy on yourself! Anyone (even those who don't suffer from anxiety) would feel nervous. But they picked you out after interview so they clearly want you and think you can do it.

Go for a brisk walk to get rid of some of that adrenaline this evening, do some relaxation before bed and calm breathing.

Then go for it and see how it goes tomorrow. It probably won't be as bad as you think. If it is you've lost nothing by trying.

Good luck.


I agree with the last comment. Think about what helps you to relax. In the morning wear clothes that make you feel positive about yourself or if this is not possible try and wear one item that is special to you. Or have something personal; in you pocket that makes you feel good such as a stone or shell. Have a mantra that says five good things about you. repeat this several times before you go to sleep if necessary write it down. let people know how it goes.

Good Luck

Mysery Reader

good luck. think of it as a new start. don't think of the past. think of it as a good way to take your mind of feeling anxious. new people to meet ect...

Good Luck for tomorrow :)

Just think new job new beginning.

I am sure after the 1st day you will be fine.

great achievement going back to work and i admire you.

Please let us know how it goes fingers crossed.

Hey as long as you like yourself do not worry what other's think of you :)

Big hugs

Love Seyi xxx

Thanks for all your supportive messages and sorry it's taken a while for me to come back on here to respond! I hope you are all well.

My new job is going really well and I have an interview on Monday as I applied for it on a long-term contract, so fingers crossed!

I'm also feeling quite positive in general as I'm nearing the end of my hypnotherapy sessions which have really helped me a lot and I would highly recommend trying hypnotherapy for anxiety. I didn't think I would feel as well as I do from it especially over the last few years of feeling so low in confidence, lacking in self esteem and barely being able to leave the house without having panic attacks. I've still got a way to go with building on my confidence but with the aid of solution focused hypnotherapy (focussing on the future and leaving the past behind) I'm sure this will come in time.

Have a lovely weekend,

Louise x

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