Want to be normal!!

I am 36 yrs old and lived with anxiety all my life.. Started in my teens.. It's been off And on.. But the past couple of months!! I cannot shake it!! It's shaking me.. I started seeing a therapist.. I come to the conclusion I am afraid if dying!! But I cannot control the thoughts when they start.. I understand what each of you are going through.. I thought I was alone with the physical pains.aches,dizziness..head full of pressure,can breath it is very debilitating..

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  • Hello

    That saying " I want to be normal " I often ask myself what normal is & what it may feel like

    Anxiety is dreadful when you are suffering & unless you have or are suffering you don't have a clue what every day can be like but I am really pleased you are getting some help & support this will help you get to the bottom & rationalize this fear of dying that you have which is very common among people with anxiety

    Good luck with your progress with your therapist & overcoming your anxiety , you can & will make progress x

  • Thanks so much,, and you are right no one knows until they go through it! I try to keep strong cause of my kids but some days is like.. Ugh..but i am sooo tired of dealing with it!! And I am glad that I found this group!! To see that other ppl have the same symptoms!!

  • Seek out someone who does biofeedback. Also, do not have any caffeine. Exercise and what got me through it was listening to Deepak Chopra. I had it non stop for 6 years and now I control it if I ever get anxious.

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