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Panicking again

I posted yesterday

Today while out food shopping with my 2yr old I ran my tounge over my teeth & my two front ones felt like they moved ever so slightly, those who have read prev posts will know that I started to panic n went hot.... I've done it a few time since n some times it happens again n some times it doesn't

Spoke to my hubby who said teeth do move a little n showed me a tooth in his mouth lol xx

I know I am prob over reacting but a the min I feel low think it the time if year as mum in law pasted 10th jan & my own mum has been gone 4yrs (but she left when I was 9)

Maybe it's the "mum" issue

Again sorry to go on, I feel like I can let it all out on here

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Hi Emski, You have got me tugging at my teeth now lol! yes they move...not much but they do. You are right about the time of year lovie...anxiety is high and the pressure on, especially with little children to look after. I look at those years now through rose tinted glasses..but they were tough ones. Love x Ella x


Hi. Emsky. I posted yesterday when you asked a similar question. When we get in an anxiety state (and especially with health anxiety), worrying about anything becomes a 'habit'. Your 'habit' is to go looking for problems and when you find them, you panic. The only real way is to try and just accept them. Talk to them. "Blasted teeth, now what, up to your old tricks again; dentist says you're OK so shut up". Or something like that. You may be able to reassure yourself that way and it may stop too much panic. It will recur now and then but not so bad until it finally goes. It does you know, if you persevere. Kind regards. jonathan.


I am glad I am not the only one to get anxious over what seems like ridiculous things! Try not to engage the worries. Ideally try hard to avoid even discussing it with your husband. The more you discuss it, then the more credibility you give it. The more credibility you give it, then the more it will perpeptuate.

I get lots of things like that popping into my mind at the moment, normally the pop into my head for a while, and then disappear like an annoying fly. My problem is that I get so many coming throughout the day, that I am almost perpetually having to push away anxious thoughts. (I have a constant nervous stomach / chest.)


Emski...did you read all your lovely help on your blog?.... "Support from family is not happening"

Where those who have suffered kindly pointed out that "It is not your teeth, it is anxiety"

In some ways I think you are a little lucky, because although I am well I had anxieties much..much...much, weirder......

Read them all again and realise its ANXIETY not your teeth, that is just the subject your over anxious mind has latched on to....

I really hope you look after yourself.....always remember with anxiety we are not the only one who suffers, those close to us do as well, so do everything possible and ask for all the help you can wishes..xx


P.S. remember the good points....they belong to you......some people can post them to the dentist...and probably wish they were in your


Stde- thank u for ur comment xx

I do understand its my anxeity (but it did move a little !) I can not get out of the "oh my god my tooth has moved),I wish I could, even if it was very slightly , reading this back sounds so silly,

I do re-read the advise & supportive comments on my posts


Please, Emski, it is not SILLY.You suffer, that's a fact. Nothing whatever silly about it. Would you sound 'silly' if you had appendicitis? Of course not. This is an illness like any other and like any other you can recover. Try your best, that is all you can do. regards. J.


Dear Emski,

About four years ago I noticed a hole in my vision. I can only find it with the other eye closed and by looking to the side of what I'm looking at ~ as I write this I am forced to admit probably only a person with health anxiety could have found it in the first place!!!!! But I couldn't let it go. I was absolutely, mindnumbingly terrified. I went to the optician. I went back to the optician. I went back AGAIN. I developed an OCD and was constantly checking if it was still there. Even after my friend asked me why I was checking, did I really think I could go blind and not notice?!! I saw a specialist. I went back to the optician. She refered me to the eye hospital. Was I reassured?!!! Of course not!!! I went to see a new optician. She sat with me and drew diagrams of the blind spot in everybody's eye and explained how in my anxious state I had somehow trained myself to see something other people never notice. Has it gone away? Not completely, but I have learnt not check and I now have whole weeks where I don't think about it. Unfortunately usually because my mind has found something else to focus on.

I'm telling you all this so you can see you're not the only one. Your mind is like a dog with a bone and it won't let go of this at the moment. Stde and Jonathan are right you do have to keep talking back to your mind and telling each new wave of panic "NO, the dentist says there is nothing wrong with my teeth". It's really hard work, Em but it does get the message eventually

In the meantime do not worry about posting on here. It's far better to get it out on here than to live with these thoughts running round in your head.

Take care.x


I wanted to say thank u to those who replied to me,if I get a crap time I am re reading your advice

I do have a dentist app this thurs as I've a bit of bleeding when I brush & I also have a clicky jaw that is hurting every now n then.

I will prob be told all is fine .....?


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