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Dose anyone else get these constant symptoms

Ok I think I have a serious anxiety problem ..I have had all sorts of symptoms over the years ...this winter has been a real struggle left chest pains on and off all the time back pain bad gas and just no ambition and scared to do anything terrible panic attacks taking paxil every day 10mg and I have lorazapam for attack s ....lorazepam seems to help really getting fed up I have a ecg and stress test and monitor coming up just for piece of mind did it 6 ,years ago and all was fine ....this is crazy..anyone get this

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I think most will relate to your symptoms as well as maybe adding even more to the list , it is so hard at times that anxiety can give you so many physical symptoms but it can & does !

The more we think about how we are feeling the worse it can make these symptoms as we are feeding the thoughts , try & be reassured you have had tests & they have all come back clear & where ever you can get some support for your anxiety x


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