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Beyond frustrated

What do i do??

If you read my prior posts you can see what i have been feeling. Head pressure when standing up. Feeling like im gonna pass out while im just walking around or standing. My pulse goes from 69 to 99 just standing up..then i get head pressure and scalp tenderness. Jaw pressure.

I have been to cardio, nuero, internist and hollistic. What else. I just want to cry all day. No one believes me

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I just had that dizzy feeling tonight! Scared me a lot. What causes the dizziness is your body being over stimulated, as stress hormones can disrupt the equilibrium. Also, tight back muscles can put pressure on your inner ears which can also affect your equilibrium.

As can low blood sugar since you are sensitive to it and sugar is a stimulant, can lower blood sugar.

None of these possible factors are serious; just anxiety induced.


Are you clenching your jaw I get the exact same thing and it's from the jaw clenching that I do. As for the blood pressure mine goes from 70 to 100 when I stand it normal but also stay hydrated.


I have felt like that to a greater or lesser extent for 10 years. I have had all sorts of test including CAT scan and MRI. I have Beeb told it stems from anxiety due to PTSD. It is definitely worse when I get stressed and then I get more stressed because it s ares me. So it has been a vicious circle. Now I tell myself you have been like this for ages and noting bad has happened and I have felt slightly better by talking myself around


I will admit i got my blood results and it shows hematocrit is Low..dont know if this jas anything to do with it.


Sounds like POTS but I'm guessing the cardio would have tested that? Do you ever actually faint or do you just feel like you're going to faint? If you've never actually fainted then its probably anxiety causing it from the adrenaline rush or flight or fight response. Do you have a blocked nose and does your head hurt when you lean over? That could be a sinus problem.

Do you drink enough water? If your electrolyte s are out of whack then that can cause your symptoms too. Those are the only things I can think of off the top of my head. How old are you? When I was 11-16 I used to feel so dizzy but it just went eventually.


I dont kind of scared its a blood clot. But im not on bc and i havent had long tripS. My doxtor says im fine and i had a negative d dimer. Im 32


Pulse 60 when sitting when i stand up its 95

; (


I don't mean this in a scary way but if it was a blood clot you would probably be dead by now, they dont really just hang around doing nothing. To be honest going from 60 to 95 isn't terrible, I just did my pulse and I went from 72 to 102 after standing. Some women struggle with low blood pressure, anxiety will make it worse.

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