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Frustrated beyond belief


I don't know what to do anymore. I can't handle feeling this way.

For the past few days I have been feeling weak lightheaded feel like passing out numb arms n hands. Can't take it anymore :(

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Hi pink , you are awake like me , it's awful ate you still not sleeping , first night without my sleep aid tonight ican not sleep & feel panicky it's awful I feel my left arm is numb my chest is hollow it's weird. I just want to sleep not sure if should get up for a chamomile tea but feel weak , not sure if I should consider a anti depressnt with a help sleep one, fed up of medication., my lil boy is sleeping so jealous, bless him. :-(

Pink1181 in reply to Binkynoo

Hello sweetie

Wow I can't believe it your feeling the same as I. With the weakness extreme weakness and the feeling of a hollow chest and omg I didn't know how to describe that feeling till you said it.

Sorry your having so much trouble sleeping and I hear ya my lil girl is sound asleep. I used to love sleep and now I'm afraid.

Why must we feel this way???

hi with my numbness i take a vitamin for vitamin c and magnesium when my arms and legs felt num the doc said i lack those vitamins then i drank DOLOMITE it has a bit of both it helped me alot you can try it everytime i get that feeling i will drink those vitamins

Natural supplements really helps with sleeping and anxiety when taken for a while. I take Gaga 750mg and T-Thea nine 100mg. I haven't taken these for a while but I usually sleep because I'm tired. My days are busy with household chores (I'm single), helping people, volunteering for charities, bible studies, and prayer meetings. Hope this helps.

Hi pink :-) sending you big hugs and feel better wishes....

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