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Just frustrated


So frustrating, how you think it’s something going on and everyone rolls there eyes at how your feeling. The ER doctor I was seeing because of head pains completely ignored, and dismissed my horrible head pains. The worst care I ever had... I just want to cry, I know how I’m feeling and I’m being told I’m fine. Smh

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Just go and see another doctor. It took me awhile to find a really good doctor that listens.

I’m going to have to do that

Sounds like migraines which are very common, I get really bad ones.

I mean it was stabbing so so bad in my temple are and back .. it was bad. I was soo scared

Hi when you say horrible head pains do you mean a bad headache? if so it is very common for both anxiety and depression to cause this. If you think you have a brain tumour or something then you would have a lot of other signs than this. x

It was in my temple it hurt sooooo bad! And was stabbing

You are using the past tense - does that mean it has stopped now? Try taking a paracetomol as this should help. x

No like today it hurts! And my eye hurts too ugh I’m scared

Hello Brokenworry. I feel your frustration! I was once in the ER with facial/head pain and pressure and I had to wait 2 hours to see someone and when I did he did he asked me to change into a gown, left then someone else came back, pressed on my face and told me I was fine. Apparently it was a sinus infection and I’ve had an MRI since so I know it’s nothing to do with my brain.

Has it been stormy where you live? I realized that I get horrible pain in my temples, eyes, cheeks etc. when there’s a storm coming. It gets so bad to the point where I can’t even move.


Really?? Yeah it’s about to rain, it hasn’t been stormy though. Just frustrated with it

Yup. I was telling my coworker how worried I was about the sinus pressure because even after taking strong meds to make it stop, it still came back. She told me she gets awful sinus pressure/headaches when a storm is coming so I began watching the pain and realized it comes when there’s black clouds that indicate a storm. I think it has something to do with the pressure. Do over the counter meds help?

They sort of do, they gave me toradol in the ER that helped a lot

Rule number one in healthcare: Pain is what the patient says it is. Even if the doctor has forgotten that don’t you forget it. Your pain is always what you say it is.

If the healthcare provider did not perform basic “neuro tests” (mini neurological exam) & ignored rule number one do not take their shortcomings personally. Find someone who can demonstrate some “bedside manner” & basic assessment skills.

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I will add for good measure my mother use to live next door to a emergency room doctor. I would hear her say “If he is in charge of the E.R. Lord help us.”

Thank you! I couldn’t believe how he rolled his eyes, he barely let me get a word out at all

Are you in counseling? Mental illness is something alot of people don't believe exist, even doctors cause it's something they can't cure.

Yes I have a counselor,who is now sending me to a different therapy

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