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I haven't experience this in months but im feeling tingling all over, chills, insomnia and narcolepsy. I'm not sure what happened but im scared. I had a mammogram and Stress Echo on Saturday, the Cardiologist from the stress echo said that my heart is good and strong but right now, i feel extremely weak. Any suggestions. I am so afraid. I keep falling asleep as i type but I also keep waking up out of my sleep. Im so scared.Help!!!

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I get this it's so scary I think it's real bad health anxiety I panic and over think about goin sleep all the time then I get got flushes tingles pains n my vision goes bad


I'm sorry that you are experiencing this as well as I am but I'm also relieved to know that I am not alone.


The same how you describe it happen to me yesterday i started freaking out got scare scared my vision is bad especially went am driving ...


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