Tingling and anxietu

So yesterday I felt off balance not so much of a headache but a strange feeling in my head

Pins andneedles / tingly in legs arms hands and lips slightly fast heartbeat too the only thing that helped a little bit was a relax blend of essential oils

But later on at night felt exhausted funny head tingly again in the same places and have woke up with tingling pins and needles in my lips hand arms and legs

Does anyone else have this


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  • Sometimes I feel like that along with many other things :(

  • Do you practice deep breathing ?

  • No I don't :) my heart rate appears fine I just get random feelings out of the blue

  • Ive just been trying a herbal thing for anxiety you can take 1 or 2 tablets a day away from good protein based aswell

    It's called Theanine

    It does effect any other medications and has no known side effects

  • Are you in us or U.K. I've not heard of that in U.K. I have a brain scan tommoz I just need to know. Nothing's wrong :(

  • I'm in the UK

  • It's by a company called Higher nature Theanine

  • Have you had results on brain scan

  • Yes all clear :)

  • hi, funnily enough I just posted about this then saw your post. I tend to get it in my left arm mostly. Its sometimes like a numb tingling like when you're just getting rid or pins and needles but other times it feels like a weakness. almost like I been lifting weights and now getting that heavy lactic acid feeling after. I have noticed I'm actually tensing my muscles when I'm stressed so I think that's part of the problem. I'm also left handed so using that arm a lot more so I think using that arm so much when its tensed isn't helping. Xx

  • Interesting it's odd isn't it

    I have just started doing a bedtime foot massage which can help and will try in the day too

    Essential oils help me too

    Trouble is when you feel ok and have a good month or few days then it all comes out of my system

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