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Maybe is IBS

I suffer from anxiety , panic attacks. The anxity is daily I would say 24/7 is just I am better at controlling it . Recently I have noticed that my anxiety is connected with food intake . When I drink or when I eat crap food my anxiety gets worst . Could it psycholigical or maybe I suffer from IBS ? I know is very difficult to say but does anyone suffers from the same ?

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I've had something very much the same. Went to dr and I was fine...just anxiety rearing its ugly head. Going thru a lot of digestive issues for the last two weeks. Feel pretty sure it really is anxiety along with some rib issues. I keep stressing in my mind that this will clear up and I will be fine.that is all I will allow myself to believe (at least that is my goal.) it really is helping me. Maybe just keeping positive can help you too. Jet keep remembering that anxiety makes things seem real and logical that are not.


Don't do that to yourself, I tried blaming it on food too IT'S NOT unless you do a lot of caffeine I am 52 and blamed it on food, sun ,night everything do t do that to yourself.


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