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Hey my name is aleisha and im 21

ive been suffering anxiety and depression I had my beautiful children my life changed I started getting anxiety i was doing so good with my anxiety for about 2 years but after my second child it hit me hard feeling light headed spacey dont want to do much I dont feel normal doc told me to take aropax but not to sure if I should or not cause my doc said to take mirtazapine 15mg and i only had one but thats messed me up a bit and thats when I started to get light headed sapcey i still think its the drug or i have a brain tumor im haveing a MRI done dont not like feeling at all its hard to consertraite for my babies and do thing for them not to sure what I should do ! I just want to be the old me agian

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Hi, sorry your having a rotten time ,keep going to the doctor until you get the help thats right for you ,not everyone has a good response to some memedications ,think about talking to a therapist I never dreamed I would go to one being I thought a strong person ,but its the best thing I did you can say everything you need to say in confidence things you might not feel you can say to a doctor or family,friendd etc ,would love to here hoe you get on ,good luck sorry about my spelling ,,,


thank you for reply it to my post :)

I love to see more doctor more often I see him every 2 weeks I like to see him every once a week I need some help my doc told me to go see a therapist and take medication for the cemical inbalnce in my brain thats what corses anxiety and depression but im not to keen on that but he said its for the best I need help he said I was once a strong person bubbly happy all the time and now im just afraid of everything I want the old me back so I can be strong for my babies aswell :/ and I think alot and that dosent help as awell :( but i will try my hardest to get help thank you :) :)


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