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Positive thinking

Right so I have been managing my anxiety for a while now and doing so well with all the tools I have gained from CBT therapy. Getting to stage now where I can reduce my sessions, only to feel quite rough a few hours ago and started feeling very annoyed and frustrated with myself for getting in this state when I have come so far!

Rant over I think.

We are all gonna have goods days and bad days people but tell your self that Tomorrow is a new day and going to be a better day!!!

I'm having a bad day with anxiety today but I know it's just a bad day and as time goes on and the stronger you get you really can just lay there with anxiety and really feel it.

Positive thinking goes a long way.

I will beat anxiety


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Yess positive thinking is the right way to think anxiety makes us believe we will be at our lowest forever but u cnt allow it to win we have to think u know what today isn't so great but tommorrow will be better keep thinking that way and u will be just fine.


good for you.. hard as it is to remember this you are on the right thinking path.. took me years and years and years to get on top of this thing called mental illness but it is by knowing it is not forever and it does ease and the less importance we give it the less it affects us is the key good luck xx


well done you for keep fighting it! I am in the same boat, have had 3 good weeks and then work got really busy and I felt overwhelmed and then my sleep went a bit potty and then anxiety went "boom". I cried all the way to work on Monday, just about held it together at work, cried all the way home because it makes me so sad that I felt so crap. Then on Tuesday woke up and it was much better - it's taken me a good few days to get the balance back, but by being kind to myself and accepting that I will have occasional bad days and just riding the bad day out, the okay days have come back (hopefully the good days will come back soon!).

When I feel like this I remember the following (no matter how hard it is to do so):

It will pass

I'm doing my best

eat when I can and eat healthy

cry if I need to

keep going

accept it - try not to fight it

meditate to get some calm back

distract myself (read/tv/work/whatever)

but just hang on in there. If you've got through it before you'll get through it again.

I saw this funny little thing on Monday when I was really down it said "I've got 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made up scenarios in my head that I'm stressing about for absolutely no logical reason!" that hit the nail on the head completely for me.


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