So I am fighting off a cold everyone in my family has had except my dad and now, my throat hurts and I keep freaking out over my stomach, its like I have never experienced a cold before. Why am I so anxious and worried? A lot of my appetite is gone. I mean I want to eat but I dont want to. My stomach was uneasy and then I ate some bread which seemed to help. Anything else I should be taking? Im taking vitamin C, an immune booster, lemon, and such.


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  • I have .be panic and anxiety on and off for over 35 yrs . Mainly Health Anxiety so any changes in my body will trigger fear that I have something more serious going on. I to have had the winter bug and have been very anxious. Because I have had CBT I am able to cope . Your stomach is probably reacting to your anxiety as this is the control centre of anxiety . As for taking vitamins I Dont bother as I have a balanced diet . I have tried seven different bottles of cough remedies but I no they Dont work . It is scientifically proven that chicken soup helps with colds and flu. Its usually elderly people and those with respiratory problems that have complications. Tell yourself that millions of us are suffering the bug and that's all it is. X

  • Thanks

  • Try to get as much rest as possible. This too shall pass.

  • I'm trying but now it is four and when I try to sleep, my brain makes up all kinds of stuff that has to be wrong with me.

  • I have had GAD for many years and like you I am fed up of it every pain we get we think it's more I have done lots to help with it but feel like it's taking over again x

  • Something that really helps with colds and flu is ginger tea. You can use dried powdered ginger and hot water...really helps me. Feel well soon. Remember, it will get better. Be patient and rest as much as you can.

  • Echinacea ! Try green tea and its packed full of antioxidants and goodness ! Lots of sleep and fluids / homemade soup !

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