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Hello I've been feeling great for a while but starting to feel anxious again. I've lost two stone, I've been making lots of achievements past few months but starting to feel low again. I've found it so hard to make friends, when I'm out and about at the shops people are rude to me, some people I've met at mum and toddler groups blank me in the groups or when I pass them in the street, people I have worked with do the same. When I am out with my son people are unfriendly towards us. People i did make friends with ignore me or make excuses when I've tried to meet up with them. Its stopping me from trying to find work as I don't think anyone will like me, or people will make fun of me. Mostly I just get on with it but it makes me feel very sad and lonely too.

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You sound like a lovely caring person it's there loss not yours. Try and keep positive, I'm going to try and do the same, hope you have happy thoughts all day

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Do t be so hard in yourself and this illnessayed everything magnified and we analyse too much . Big breath big smile and try not to let them get you ! A great saying I heard ' the only disability is a bad attitude ' that's their problem and like me before this happened to ME its ignorance and no understanding for your situation . Try concentrate on the little moments and be kind to yourself xx


Not sure whether I'm using the site properly. I can see on one page a small section of a reply but no more. Thanks for the replies. Sorry I can't read them. I'm still feeling anxious. Even more so since some colleagues have been offered work and I have not. Worried my work is not very good but too scared to ask.


If you tap on your post all the replies are there as you scroll down the page x


Thanks :0)


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