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Really horrible messed up crazy weird disgusting thoughts!!!!

I keep having really horrible horrible thoughts like they are not fucking normal I can tell you that!!! I was getting so much better with anxiety like I really was untill last monday which is week before my period I started to feel the anxiety again and now it's just relapsed and I'm fucking terrified I am losing my mind I really think I am, my thoughts are scaring me let alone if I told anybody else I'm only 15 I just want to curl up and cry for ever I really do I don't feel like my thoughts are my own wtf???

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Honey, take it easy. Your hormones are going crazy, not your mind. You are 15. So many changes take place in your body ... have you spoken with a doctor about the changes you are experiencing. Don't be afraid to talk to someone. I am so glad you posted...anxiety comes and goes. I can't say that it will go away entirely but I can say that you won't always feel the way you do now. Hang onto the fact that many people have experiences something similar. You can find your way through it. Talk to a professional, post on this site - by reaching out to places where people understand, you will come to understand more and maybe help someone else. I am a stranger to you but I am sending you a hug. I am so sorry you are going thru this. I did it alone too ...


I feel like I don't know what to do, I actually think I'm not well in the head or something I'm having really bad intrusive thoughts and they are scaring the absolute shit out of me and for them to be about my family???? what the actual hell I feel sick with myself I can't deal with seeing my mum so upset all the time she's had a bad child hood as it is and now I'm causing her more problems. is there any private messages on here where I can PM you?? I need to tell someone


I am really new to this site and not very familiar with things. Maybe someone out there has a suggestion on how best to share. I have to say one more thing. Your mom might have had a bad childhood but that is not something you can fix. And you are not purposely causing her more problems because you are having anxiety. You might want to speak with a school counselor or someone in your church if you are involved in church. Believe me, speaking one on one with a counselor will help you more than you can know. It is very scary to seeing someone face to face but it will help you the most. Maybe a teacher at school could help you find someone to talk to privately. Saying the words out loud to someone else makes the thoughts lose power over you. You get rid of them (sort of.) I'm not sure how to explain that but it has been the case for me. I say it out loud to someone I trust - someone that will just listen and not try to tell me what to think, feel or do. I get it out of my system and it doesn't have power over me anymore. I hope that makes sense.

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At this time it may be a good idea to see your GP and talk things over. You are angered up and possibly under those circumstances they will need to take away the stress you are suffering from.

If you are feeling in some way traumatized they will need to arrange for you to get whatever is upsetting you off your chest.

If you need a chat we can help, although many on site may feel the words you are bringing out is to coloured for a fifteen year old

All the best



If it makes you feel better, if you believe you are going crazy, you aren't. Crazy people think that what they believe is perfectly

logical. I've had some messed up thoughts but I find reading my bible helps. Just don't pay them much mind and mine have decreased a lot.

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I know this might be a little too personal, but what kind of thoughts are you having, many of us on here have anxiety and we may be able to relate to them, if not, then we can let you know and possibly advise the best action to take, you are only young, and as someone has already said your hormones will be making a big contribution and that's temporary. No one is here to judge you, just help :-)


You are not going crazy. You're having intrusive thoughts that are causing your anxiety to soar and, in turn, file the fire.http://feel-alive.hubpages.com/hub/Intrusive-Thoughts-Anxiety


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