Argh, why is our brain our worst enemy!!

Keep having horrible thoughts (don't want to mention as they make my anxiety rocket into another dimension) and intrusive thoughts. They really do make my heart skip a beat and I feel like my heads about to explode. Just want to bash it against a wall. How do your thoughts effect you and what symptoms do they bring on?! and how distressing are they? Hope you are all having an okay evening xxxx Lots of Love to you all xxxxx


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  • Hi Rose, I know exactly how you's hard to distract the mind, my worrying thoughts make me feel really low and anxious, there's always something to do though, I know it's hard but it's dooable! :) xxx

  • Are your thoughts really 'silly'? Cuz the problem with me is I have a specific silly thought and then I think... I know that's silly.... then I think oh god do I think that's silly..... what happens if I don't think that's silly anymore and believe it...ahhhh im going crazy.......

    do you have anything like this LM? x

  • Hi rose was there with them thoughts last yr and they do make u feel worse. I have over come them even thou I still get a few nnegative thoughts now and then. I hhope u feel abit bettDr tomorrow. Xxx

  • Have u tried mood gym on the internet it's free to use my ddoctor told me to use it but never finished the program. I know people that have used it and they say it helped xxx

  • Hi roserose, anxiety tests our core belief about ourselves, anxiety lets off steam through thoughts, I don't suffer in this way, but something I read a while ago said don't question them or place importance on them, just let them float away, then they will stop coming, play with them and they will keep coming.

    Hope this helps



  • ooo No I haven't thanks Donna, ill give that a try for sure :) xxx Thank you Bonnie xxx

  • I've never heard of the mind gym! Xxx

  • Hi Rose I'm constantly plagued by unwanted and unhelpful thoughts. Mine tend to be worse of a evening. They raise my anxiety and make me extremely irritable. I get the jittery heart and knots in my stomach. I try to concentrate on other things usually with not to much success.

    Sorry I your having a rough day. Mines been so so. Hope your having a good evening.

  • Having an okay evening thanks. Took a road trip to truro in Cornwall today so it wasn't all bad, but my god these thoughts..... will they ever subside?!?!

  • Road trip sounds good. Do anything nice?

    Really wish I could answer that question as I've got the same one to be honest.

  • I thought everone had weird thoughts the benifit of being add is that thought don't stick. To me those thoughts are like commercials in an otherwise fine day! If one was meditating and these thoughts came it would be called monkey brain. I wonder if after anything negative reversing to a positive version of the same thought like if you thought step on a crack break your mothers back you thought put my money in a big brown bag weird things work well but then I am a little unique.

  • haha you won't guess..... did some more retail, and went out for lunch. went to a Spanish resteraunt, was awesome because my friends mum is Spanish so was a good laugh as I had to keep learning Spanish words and guessing what they were saying. Well I hope your thoughts subside soon. Just remember.... nothing lasts forever xx

  • Oh no not more retail haha. Spanish restaurant sounds nice. Think I can just manage to order beer in Spanish lol.

    Yeah hope yours do to. Enjoy the rest of your evening. x

  • Thanks Willrich. Keep me updated. :) do you keep a thoughts log?

  • Your welcome and will do.

    Did try to. But the reason for my anxiety and this whole thing is very specific and my thoughts unwanted and all are one thing only. Do you?

  • I have the most unbelievable thoughts,they are crazy,but what I have wanted to ask for a while but I know it can only be me,does anybody have a "thing about smells" I know I don't have an exceptional good sense of smell,but it seems to be one of my causes of anxiety at the moment,no one else seems to smell them,but the drains in my sinks,the toilet,every room seems to have a particular smell,I stopped using air freshening as the smell of them mixed with the other smells and was,nt nice at all.I know it seems a small thing but to me it is huge,overtaking my life and thoughts .

  • Lindalou, private message me. I'm off to bed but maybe we can chat tomorrow about intrusive thoughts. I am off to sleep now but thought it might make us feel better. :) and of course happy to lend an ear and support xxx

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