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Is this normal


I just realized , last week I was coming down from a 5 day long panic attacks... I am a very outgoing person, and now the thought of spontaneous doing things , gets me anxious. Is this normal? Because going out to eat and all kinds of stuff never bothered me. And when my fiancé proposed to eat dinner at a restaurant tonight , I wanted to say no. Any insight on this?

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I'm going through the same thing. Idk why. I've been withdrawn from doing things since maybe December. I'm just starting to make myself do things. Have you had any Trauma or changes in your life lately?

yes we had a sentencing date in court my sisters boyfriend sexually exposed him self to my daughter, so it was finally over and that Saturday I started getting a little bit of chest pain... and then full blown panick attacks for dayyyyyssss! Ive eliminated a lot of drama and bad family since this all has happened by protecting my daughter and family.. So my life has been extremely peaceful! And that in its self is scary! So its just trying to relive life with out ongoing surviving !!! ugh!

Wow sorry to hear that. That will definitely do it. Hopefully you can find some coping methods until it goes away. The good thing is you know what caused it.

I have been :) its but tough but im getting through! Glad to know im not the only one! :) Thank you for responding !

It is normal to want to avoid social situations when you have anxiety. You will need to keep doing social things and ignore the anxious feelings or take them with you because once you're out you'll have a great time. Funny isn't it how now the stress of your court situation is gone the anxiety comes in full force. Same happened to me - husband did not go to jail from a drug charge and all charges were dropped so i thought i would become all happy and stress free but it got worse!! Maybe because we were holding ourselves in and being "strong" and when it was all over we fell in a heap...??!!

i feel like this all the time lately , I cancelled going out with friends at the last minute tonight because i was fearing the worst and anticipated feeling dizzy / light headed like i do now so i said to myself there's no way i'm going out

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Do you think if you had of went out it would of actually done you good?

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probably not because i was meant to be going to a theatre to watch a show 😬

i have something similar too! i guess its the fact of you having a long period of panic attacks kinda made you realise that they're harmless?

with me, its kinda of like that, i would have a bad few days, and then i would get so sick of them i would have less fear upon them and do whatever i please (going out on my own for long periods of time)but then the next day i would feel so anxious to even go out.

i think whats best is to continue going out all the time ,everyday so you wouldn't feel as anxious

hope this helps x

Thank you!!

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