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Am so scare something wrong with me


This have never happened to me in Oct I had numness in my hands an legs I felt I couldn't breathe I felt like my heart was going really fast I got scare went to the doctor he gave me pills for anxiety ..but I never take them this new symptoms I been having numness in my left of my head pressure I feel like I have water my ear sometimes I get head it went I sleep to much or random ..I can't not event sleep I really scare to go to the doctor more I think in my mind I think I brain tumor and look at my daughter and my son I just started crying non stop ..any one get this symptoms or is just me ..

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I have dealt with all of that and more I have a different symptom every day it drives me nutz I have anxiety panic attacks because of the symptoms hang in there the winter is always worse for me for some reson we will get through this.I also took myself off my low dose 10mg of paxil for 2 years then bang it hit me I hate meds but they do help im back on 10mg a day they definitely help with the racing thought not so much the physical symptoms.

kristal in reply to bjbj

Like just right know I woke up numbness my hand going up I hate this feeling really freaks me out .. am not use to this thanks for reply I need it someone that know what am feeling right know cuz my husband not helping me at all things am joking ...

bjbj in reply to kristal

Its no joke its almost unreal will get through it you will have good and bad days it will be a fight but im with you ..

Thank you


Hi guys

Looking at this thread as I too suffer with loads of physical symtoms.

It's so frustrating I seem to get more anxious about the symptoms I get then about other issues in my life.

Right now I'm battling with tingling tongue, difficulty swallowing food and crawling head sensation.

I have had numbness of hands when waking up but somehow my mind reassures me it's just my weight and circulation.

I saw my GP yesterday and she is adamant that all my symtoms are anxiety and said as I am going to talking therapies already the only thing they can now offer is medication, which I don't really want as I have an 8month old to care for.

I used to suffer with just general anxiety but now it would appear I have health anxiety.

I wish this illness would leave me to get on with my life.

Love to you all

kristal in reply to Hidden

That's exactly why I don't take my pill I have a nine month old baby am still breastfeeding they said is safe to take them but am still worry ..

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Hi Kristal

I am worried about taking any drug for my anxiety incase it makes me feel worse initially or makes me feels spaced out and not in control.

I'm so sick of all the awful symptoms, this new swallowing issue is probaly the worse I've had as it gives me the fear to eat, which obviously makes it worse.

Although I know I am a good mum, I feel bad cause I just want to feel happy and well again.

I do hope you are better soon.


I feel the same way .. but most of all is the dizziness don't let me do anything with my daughter I feel like am a past out if I carry her am fraid I will drop her cuz how dizzy I get I hope I feel better I hope ur symptoms of your tongue go away is horrible having the symptoms and you cannot even control it.

Hi Kristal :-) hope you are feeling better a little. This sounds very much like anxiety. It happens when we least expect it. Go see your go if you fear anything but most of what you are feeling ...most of us have or have had ....just remember you are not alone feeling like this and that sometimes helps and makes a difference :-)

kristal in reply to Evey37

Yes specially that Is my first tIme experience this symptoms I get really freak out but went I read that am not alone I feel more release I just need it someone that understand me cuz my family they think am just exaggerating..

Slightly late on commenting hear but I can relate to this somewhat, when I get stressed and my anxiety peaks the right side of my face goes numb, the first time this occurred I thought I was having a stroke. Do not convince yourself about a Brain tumor, just goto the GP and present the problems you are having to them, do not mention or think about tumors in your brain, they will advise you if they think is the problem. Also what you are describing sounds like an ear infection.

Guys, I have anxiety attacks. What has been working for me are drinking chamomile tea,stress relieve tea by yogi, working out for 45 minutes, b vitamins,fish oil,vit d3 and a healthy diet. Also,if you are a believer you should really pray a lot as I believe it works. Also, meditation.

Dr tried putting me on meds but I refuse to take it because I heard horror stories about it. Also,another Dr told me don't take any meds because it only helps with the symptoms and not the root of the actual problem. He also told me it's no good as you get addicted and your body could get use to it and it no longer works.

So try to relax and ask your Dr about alternative techniques instead of meds.

I also did reiki,acupuncture and yoga. Drink enough water at least 8 cups.

You will be fine.

God bless us all!


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