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Vitamins for anxiery

Hi there me again, trying to come to terms with this dreadful anxiety, woke up at 5 o'clock and needed the toilet , had a biscuit and water, had a cup of tea at 8 o'clock and slept till 10 o'clock woke up feeling dreadful weak spaced out and exshauseted, it is now 130 and I need to go shopping, I could have the shopping delivered but I am thinking it will help me to go out and face the fears of weakness etc. as if I wanted to I could stay in all the time and give up, I wanted to know what vitamins would help me and I have read on her that b. vitamins can help anxiety etc. any advice will be appreciated. Thankyou.

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Hi there. I find interrupted sleep makes me feel 'spaced out and weak. I'm lucky I usually sleep well and although my dogs wake me early hours to be let out for a minute or so, most times I can go back to sleep. Occasionally. I wake after a few hours and can't get back to sleep. I have to get up make a cup of tea then go back to sleep but feel 'off' when I wake. If I have something to do I dread going out, eg take dogs for a walk. I force myself to do it and usually feel relieved when I manage to get out. If I don't I feel more pressure and stress. Think it's best to try carry on. Re vitamins, you could ask doctor to check your B12, iron levels etc.


Hi there! I take Carlsons fish oil,vitamin d3,400 mg magnesium. Also,drink at least 8 oz water,chamomile tea,lots of vegetables and fruits. Limit your caffeine or none at all. Also,limit junk food or none at all. Try listening to relaxing music and pray and meditation helps a lot if you're a believer. You'll be ok. God bless! PS working out for at least 30 minutes has helped tremendously. Try a workout video, jogging or hit the gym for some cardio or light strength training. Lemon balm tea has helped me fall asleep on tough nights when I seem spaced out.


Thanks klang When you say 8fluids ounces of water you must mean more don't you or have I got that wrong, are the fish oil capsules small as I can't swallow large tablets and what strength magnesium alison I eat tons of fish do I need fish oil capsules . I don't eat red meat just fish and chicken but mainly fish. I went out for lunch today, I had a larger and lime. When I came out of the resturant my legs went weak and I felt faint, was that a panic or was is the drop in temperature as it was warm in the resturant and freezing out, my heart was racing, I just sat in the car and kept quite it died down these things happen anytime. Thanks,


Yes, I meant more than 8 oz lol.

Try calming tea,like chamomile tea with no sugar.The fish oil I take is soft gel not tablets. The only fish I know that has omega 3 which is good for you are salmon and sardine. As long as you eat a lot of it you don't really need to take the fish oil,especially salmon. I wouldn't recommend eating sardine every day as it contain some mercury.Also,check with your Dr before taking my advice. I am only telling you what is helping me. Best of luck!


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