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Can Anxiety Cause You to Feel Weak/Tired/Bloated?

Okay, so for the past week, I have been having a screwed up sleep cycle and just feel drained. I feel tired and weak (not dizzy, though) at like 8 in the evening and then it lightens up at around 11-12. I get to sleep probably at 3:30 am.... Last night I slept very poorly.

I finally got my birth control pills and it was a very stressful endeavor to get them, but I am so proud of me. My mom was there but then I had to go back alone and be crammed into this small little room I did not know with a woman to talk about stuff and she took my blood pressure (which I informed her it might be high due to being anxious) and she said it was good....that the levels were good which was astounding to me because I was SO anxious.

I just feel plowed. And sometimes I will feel tired during the day but when I do something, I start to feel better. My mom believes it to be hormones tied in with my bad sleeping and being too aware of myself. Which is totally true, I test this when I start to freak out over feeling one way, like if I suddenly have a stomach ache I'll panic, and then flash back to when I was not anxious and ask myself if I would have panicked then and the answer is usually, no, because it is just due to indigestion from carbonated water. Well now, my brain jumps to, oh you may have this or this. Looking back, I see how other symptoms have been anxiety, but I dunno how to convince myself that now it just anxiety. My arms also feel floppy, like I've been tensing them. Then again, I do clench my hands when I am anxious. This past week or so is the first week I have not been sitting on the couch, wondering why I feel the way I do. So....could it be my body coming off anxiety? I've had coaches tell me that people feel worse after not worrying because their body is discarding adrenaline which masks some symptoms so you could feel worse before you feel better....

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