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Constant Pulsating Ear

I have read that a pulsating ear is yet another of the many symptoms of anxiety but was just wondering if any of you have had this annoying sensation as well? No pain or anything of the sort. I can just hear my pulse in my left ear constantly for the last few weeks. So annoying lol. When I was at the doctor a few weeks ago, my ears were clean aNd he didn't seemed concerned when I told him my ear has been pulsating. He just said I need to relax more and learn how to chill out. Lol. I'm just venting here because I know you all understand. My husband and everyone else is tired of my health complaints, which I understand. I'm trying to do better and get over it like I used to. :)

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You know i have that too. Sometimes out of nowhere it seems like one ear goes deaf and then switches to the other ear. The pressure and everything. Especially when I'm nervous and my blood pressure is through the roof (because of my nervousness) it'll happen. Sometimes it's so bad that I can't hear anything for a couple of minutes.


It stinks, doesn't it? Yeah, I've been hearing my pulse in my left ear constant for a few weeks now. It started when I had a cold and never went away. The dr said my ears were clean though. Mine do the same thing as yours. Sometimes it sounds like a vacuum pressure or something lol!


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