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Constant dizziness

Hi everyone, Have just joined up. I have had anxiety for a few years now, and mid bout of a bad patch but different this time, mainly constant dizziness. came on at start of Jan and still happening. Got diagnosed as inner ear infection but then it never actually left. Have been to ENT and doctors again, ears were clear. Now waiting for neurologist appt. but doc thinks its just stress arghhh. I hate feeling like this. Any tips for decreasing the dizziness ? Finding it hard to feel the joy in life right now

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Hi flyinggypsy.

Welcome to the site. Sorry to hear your suffering dizziness I have not had that particular symptom but I am certain some one on here will be able to offer you some advice. Just keep posting and I hope you get some relief soon.



Thank you :)


Hi there and welcome:)

Anxiety comes in many different forms, dizziness is one of them I'm afraid.

You say your gp has checked you over so there is nothing serious to worry about which is good news:)

I've had the dizziness in the past, It's just something you have to accept and try to ignore it if you can ( depending how bad).

Let it just pass you by and don't let your mind focus on it.

Check out the website Headspace

This should help to keep things calmer:) x


I will check that site out thanks. have had dizziness before but not too this degree and usually as part of an actual panic attack. This is separate dizziness.

I am trying to stop focusing on it but sometimes it's so annoying and gets tedious when you are dealing with it everyday.

Trying everything I can think of to help it. I am sure it will pass, it's just in the mean time , my brain starts telling me there is something really wrong , feeling like a hypochondriac . . must stop googling haha


Yes, stay away from dr google Hun:))

He's not very friendly!

Hope the website helps:) x


i have battled with dizziness for years now. ent said nothing wrong but i did the vestibular exercises anyway with no improvement. gp says it anxiety and stress.

i feel really nauseas at times and when i turn suddenly i get dizzy .

this really annoys me as it has now caused me to think someting else cis wrong with me.

it really gets under your skin

are there any other signs that you experience


Hi flying gypsy.

Welcome to the site,I have had constant dizziness in the past,if your tests are all ok it will be anxiety.Not a lot you can do really,Deep breathing seemed to help me a little,also keeping hydrated also had a good effect.If your like me it will pass although unpleasant while it lasts xxxx


Hi there , I've just found this site , I have really bad anxiety , but in July I started to feel sickly and dizzy my ears and head felt full , like loads of pressure , my doc says its anxiety and stress , I got married and moved away from my family just weeks before this began , I started to take propranolol 40 mg 3 times a day I did have a few weeks where I thought I was cured , but it's back , and it's awful . I accept I've had major changes in my life , but I don't feel like I'm stresses or anxious .

I've been anxious all my life but never had these symptoms .

I did try boots anti sickness tablets , and they did ease the dizziness and nausea a little they are for vestibular disorders as well as motion sickness .

I just don't know how long I can just carry on regardless , I feel like I'm forever moaning about it , but I honestly don't think people can truly understand what it feels like to live every day for months on end like this , my head constantly ringing and the nausea is horrible , I do sympathise with you maybe you could give the anti sickness tablets a go they might just help with the dizziness .


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