I have to say the most annoying part of this is being tachycardia 24-7 and it's annoying, well not 24-7 but I'll eat and my heart will be racing 160 bpm but when I go to the ER it's normal rhythem which is good but I don't feel anxious when these incidents happen

Its annoying. I'm lying down and it's 100 bpm..... Started at 6 and it's 8 so it's like wtf..... I'm not anxious tho, watching cartoon network...... It was 130 sitting in my car lol.


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  • Hi Armyguy, Having Tachycardia is a horrible feeling. Eating will promote the heart to beat faster because of the digestion process. But 160 does seem a little much. Why when you go to the ER is it good. Are you just more comfortable and feel safe when at the hospital. What did the VA hospital say they want to do (test wise) ?

  • It was still up in the ER this time, I live 60 miles from a hospital so when I get there It's usually normal but caught it tonight, 148 lying in the ER bed, doctor said SVT so I'm safe but doesn't get why Its speeding, what they're trying to figure out now.

  • Right now It's back to normal when I write this

  • You know Armyguy, the doctors will figure this out. It sounds like something that can be controlled once they have a diagnosis. Anxiety plays a big part in confusing the whole picture because that in itself causing a lot of the symptoms. You said that you were lying in the ER bed (9 hours ago). Are you still in the hospital? Wishing you the best from the forum. Take care.

  • Goldfish, that's a good idea, it sounded familiar but I had to look it up. I don't think I ever remember having it done. Maybe it's not routine. Take care.

  • Same thing was happening to me after eating (still does tiny bit) I'm having to take propranolol to stop it, but like you I don't feel any anxiety with it. I'm totally fine in the day now but every night (for last 3 months) I wake sweating, feeling sick, stomach ache, busting for the loo, mouth tasting horrible, heart rate normal (used to be high before taking propranol which made the sickness feeling unbearable) and I feel horrendous every morning. I've tried taking propranol just before bed to see if that helps but nope. No IBS tablets I've got seem to help either.

  • Well I just got a call from the VA wanting to admit me to the psych ward after telling them what the doc said last night, he even said he didn't suspect anxiety and suspected that it was something else, he said anxiety doesn't cause elevated heart rate for 6 hours..... I called my doc this morning and she said despite that She wants to have me admitted I hung up on her and I'm done with veterans, biggest fucking joke in the world.

  • Armyguy, they can do both evaluations in the psych ward. Medically and psychologically. Don't hang up on that recommendation. That's actually where I got the results that changed my life, in the hospital ward. Don't forget mind and body go hand in hand. And in the case in people with anxiety they both must be addressed. I would rethink it, but that's your decision. Wishing you well.

  • I have Bill's to pay and finals week is coming up with college, I don't have that luxury

  • I understand...sorry. I've just never considered getting help as a luxury but I understand.

  • I'm sorry, didn't mean it like that, just stressed and feel really bad but I can't get treated because of college and work.

  • Not to worry. Do what you have to do. But take care.

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