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Clicking in ear

So i went to the doctor about 3 days ago and she told me i had ear congestion she also told me my ears were fine no infections or anything but is it normal to hear popping or crackling when i yawn or swallow also when i chew its like a clicking sound no pain whatsoever i was just curious about it 😩 cause i literally panic for a-lot of things :(

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I think this is quite normal, my daughter complains of this as well. I have it when I yawn.

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Yes me too it happened right after i had gotten my ear infection hopefully it goes away soon or at least the ear congestion:(


I'm in the same position that your in it been going on for 3months already and it causes so many problems for me like my head hurts and eye twitching I'm sorry that your going through ear congestion if you find a way to get rid of it let me know because right now it hard for me 🙁


Yes it sucks :( it happened right after i got my ear infection the doctor said it should go away on its own but right now i think i might be coming up with a cold is why it’s causing it probably but hopefully it goes away soon !


Hey, I know this post is from a while ago but I was just looking for some answers to the same problem and I wondered if you found any relief? I did have what the doctor said was a double ear infection (my ears were red and ear drum swollen in side). I had a week of antibiotics which cleared up the redness but its left me with really blocked feeling ears. I've also got a bad right side neck and shoulder tension but I have a feeling that might be more related to the anxiety. Did it go away in the end or did anything you try help? Xx


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