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Help and advice please?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post! I've been reading a few posts on this site and am really keen to gain support from you all and give support where possible!

Everyone who knows me thinks I am bubbly, confident, outgoing and always happy. This is all a mask and they couldn't be more wrong.

For around 6 years I have been very low and depressed and have suffered severe paranoia and irrational thoughts. I worry about what to worry about!! I have always struggled to get close to people (excluding close family and one very close friend) due to trust issues.

I am now engaged, have a beautiful son, fantastic career and a lovely home. I've gotten here by being a great actress!

My anxiety over the last few weeks has heightened, I'm sick constantly and have lost a lot of weight. My career is at risk because I can't face returning back to work after taking some annual leave. There is one person at work who is causing me stress but that shouldn't affect my whole life and thought process!

I'm on no medication as I'm terrified of what it will do to me. I don't want to live like this! I'm starting to wish that I would die so I don't have to have this constant torture!

Can anyone help me understand how to overcome?



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Hello I think it's important to know first of all that all feelings will pass. So even if you feel really down now it will pass and get better.

Worry is a bad habit. That's really all it is. It's a habit you can break by trying to find things to change your focus. For example mindfulness. When you are home off from work try to enjoy those moments and leave work at work. It's easier said then done but you can change your thinking. Try peaceful scene imagery when you worry to change your mind to something positive. You will feel a difference.

As far as work is there anyone you can go to for assistance with the other person or can you confront that person in a calm way? You can't create change if nothing is confronted.

As far as losing weight I think just being amped up and anxious can cause that. Or if you eat less because you just feel sick from the anxiety can also cause it. But it's important to keep a good balanced diet to actually help the anxiety. You don't want dips in blood sugar and your brain needs good food to function well.

You may want to seek therapy with someone who can help you on a regular basis with the anxiety.

You can feel better and change this. Keep researching and keeping an open mind. Good luck.



Wow hun, I feel for you I really do.

First things first, acknowledge that you have your health.

With anxiety you'll sometimes loose weight because it will make you nauseated at the sight of food or just lost of interest, I'm currently in that boat ( 12lbs lost in 3 weeks) , what I was told was even though you feel like this try to keep on eating 6 small meals a day. When you don't eat your body starts freaking out which then makes anxiety worse.

That one person at work is just enough to cause a plethora of anxiety, if you can try to ignore them keep it civilized and about work when you absolutely have to talk to them And push them out of your mind.

Think of your son, think of the positives, When I get to my lowest thoughts and start thinking maybe it's better if im gone I think of my kids and the good times and it helps get past though dark thoughts.

They need us :)

Try meditation, walking, dont be afraid of getting put on antidepressants sometimes it's what we need.

For me what helped me tgese last few days, is family support :)

Being positive greatful. I didn't believe in religion and put my faith in to again and that has brought me so much peace :)

Breathing!! Try to control your breathing .

And when ever you have a moment come on here :)

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Thank you both so much for your reply! It's great to know I'm not alone and I really appreciate you taking the time out to try to help!

This person at work actually works directly for me so hard to avoid them.

I think I need to motivate myself to eat healthily and do some form of exercise to create more energy as I rarely have any!

Has anyone tried the CBT? Do you know if it is successful?


i have gad. have not been able to control it. it has taken a toll on my health. i just want to lay in bed. remember know matter how good of a person you are, everybody is not going to like you. if you can talk to this person it would be good. i hold everything inside and that is not good. thank the good Lord above for all the good things in your life. i need to take my own advice. i am my own worst enemy.


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