My head feels as if its.going to.explode out of nowhere this pain appear I feel the pressure in my ears then it moves to my temples then across my forehead im panicking because its intense it comes and goes I don't know if its because im tired I got off late lastnite frm work an didnt get much sleep amd had to be uo early to go to work again is this anxiety.

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  • Hi there

    Can you try drinking a glass of cold water and see what this does?

    I find it helps slow my thoughts and bring my body back to rest.

  • Thank you im gonna try that.

  • Try not to panic and take some pain killers and if the pain is still there book an appointment with the dr.

  • Do you know if you clinch your teeth or grind them at night? If I am really stressed I find myself sitting with my teeth clinched, then I get sharp pains in my temple. I also have TMJ so that is also the cause of it.

  • I do clench my teeth sometimes im ao unaware that I am doing it cuz the pain is by my temple area

  • I get that to hun pain head cross for head. And temples my left side face most time gets me down nothing I do stop it .. had rain scan in June say all anixerty I feel rough now how what going though as can't sleep great either

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