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Feeling Hopeless

Every other day my anxiety brings me to new lows. I try to distract myself only to get nervous again and sit down. Before I know it, hours have passed and I've sat around on my couch doing absolutely nothing. I worry about every little thing I feel in my body as if that will help my anxiety. I remember I used to be fun and outgoing, now I fear being out in public, only on days like today. I don't want to be that person that locks themselves in, how do I get better? Has anyone done support groups? I want to have fun again, I don't feel like myself, my heart's racing and I'm scared to do any little thing. Sometimes it feels like I will only get worse, and if I do, then what's the point of moving on with life?

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I know how you feel I've had the same problem today. I pushed my self through it and then I got nervous again so I calmed my self down again you've gotta put your self out there I know it's hard but you har to do what's best for you.


We all owe it to ourselves to just keep trying. Please keep trying :-)


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