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Ex moving on

My ex is seeing someone new (I think).

We have a beautiful little son together and even though I know the relationship is over, I am sick at the thought of someone new.

I think it is because I crave that family unit and want to be with him every day.

She treated me bad in a lot of ways and has blamed the relationship break up on me. I am full of guilt and this is because she has said thousands of things that were 'my fault' or I would be told to stay away from a scan as I 'would stress her'.

I used to fight back and say nasty things back but I gave this up a long time ago. Now I always try to be civil, I don't get angry and I just listen. I have also thanked her for our son and told her she is beautiful and has given me the greatest gift ever in my life.

Anyone here face anything similar?

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I have not faced anything similar, but I just wanna say that is amazing of you to say such wonderful things to her. That's extremely humbling and just wow. Good for you and you should be proud with how you handle those situations.


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