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Hard to tell between anxiety symptom or possible esophageal thrush

Sorry I keep obsessing over this guys. I don't have anyone else to talk to that would listen to me now.

I DID have mouth thrush (yeast) and it went away and came back when I began antibiotics. Now my mouth has cleared up greatly. But I went back to the doctor because I've had the extreme dry throat, mouth and I have the sensation of a lump in my throat or that there is something in my throat and sometimes my chest burns straight down (it had eased up some). The doctor looked in my mouth and couldn't fully tell if it was thrush still but said that it could also be anxiety instead of esophageal thrush. In fact,he believed it more to be anxiety but since I had taken a hard antibiotic, he told me to take Diflucan just to knock the possibility out.

Here is my struggle--I have a fear of taking medicines right now--what if I'm allergic or what if the side effects are serious, etc. Normally, you take just ONE Diflucan pill, which I took yesterday, had massive anxiety over all day and night but got through it. But he prescribed me to take the same pill for two more days. Now, my throat seems to be more irritated today than before. My husband had lost all patience with me and says it is all in my head and that I don't have esophageal thrush. That the one Diflucan will take care of whatever there was. He is convinced since my mouth looks a lot better that it won't be anywhere else. If I didn't have this stupid fear of taking a medicine (I already faced this fear with taking the antibiotic for two weeks that I didn't even need after my doctor had told me I was scammed at the urgent care office), I would take the two more pills and not think anything else to it. But I'm terrified to take another pill. Since I see that it is usually only prescribed to take once. But I have it for three occasions.

I know I've been obsessed with my throat since this all first manifested, so perhaps I'm making it worse by thinking about it? My husband doesn't think I need to take anymore of the medicine and my Mom thinks I do. And I'm too scared to just take it but I don't want to NOT take it in case it WERE to be thrush and I need it.

I'm trying to talk myself into taking it so that I can say I was compliant. And in case this is thrush in my throat, it's taken care of triple time. But I don't want to freak out again like I did yesterday with taking it--I'm thinking that it's building up in my system and could cause a higher chance of reaction or whatever.

My doctor looked as far as he could in the back of my throat and just couldn't see any sign of thrush in the back. Although he said my tongue looked a little thrushy, it still wasn't enough to say it was obviously still there.

I'm sorry I sound like a confusing, mental case! Lol! I'm just tired of the feeling that someone has their hand around my throat!

The question is--should I take the second dose and face my fears or stick to just the one dose I took since most doctors only prescribe one pill? He is an excellent diagnostic doctor and one that my Mom worked for for over ten years--my aunt and cousin still work for him. He knows me like the back of his hand and he told me so haha. He also precribed me anxiety medication sincey blood work showed my pCO2 levels were low which indicated hyperventilation which he said could also be the likely culprit for my throat sensations and issues. :/

Y'all, his anxiety stuff is for the birds!! Lol!!! This Southern girl is tired of it lol!

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You are really doing some over thinking which is typical of anxiety

I understand what it is like to have a med fear , I struggle myself with taking medication ,but what I try not to do is over think or I convince myself of the worse scenario possible

You took one yesterday & even though you had anxiety it did not harm you & if you were allergic to them I am sure you would know by now , so I would trust the doctor that in your own words you say is excellent , remember that they know what they are doing & prescribing & when the fears creep in tell them you are not listening ;-)

Two days & you will have taken the prescribed amount & then you will know everything has cleared up & you need to start dealing with the anxiety that you are suffering from

All that suffer with anxiety have more strength than we realize , you can do this , stay strong x

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Thank you so so much! Just calling it out and for someone who doesn't know me to be able to discern that I'm totally over thinking really opens my eyes. It helps so much. Your logic makes perfect sense and just clicked in my mind. I needed it laid out like that. And just the reminder to stay strong and that we have more strength than we realize helps as well--in all honesty, I'm being weak minded and I never used to be this way. Your encouragement has helped give me to courage to take the second dose. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. xx


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