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My hearts constantly beating fast

I am 19 I have health aniexty and bad panic attacks just haven't felt myself for the last 5/6months constantly thinking I'm going to die I hate it. My heart is always racing also get bad chest pain .. I feel like there's something wrong with me and they just say it's aniexty iv had a ECG for literally 1minute and that's alll just can't take it no more duno what to do

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Wow! I have the same problem! Anxiety causes heart paulpations and chest pains. Anxiety causes stress and stress causes chest pains. Your a completely fine and healthy 19 yr old :)


It does sound Anxiety, it causes the heart issues, shortness of breath, tightness of chest, fast heartbeats , ask your Dr for something for the anxiety


I went to the hospital and my heart rate was crazy jumping from 120 130 to 160!! When I checked it it said 178!! The emt said that the heart rate that fast isn't dangerous unless it's always constant.

Right now it went up, I faced what caused it to go up and it started to slow down. What do you do for it to calm down??

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I'm so scared my doctor gave me anti depressants and beater blockers nothing is working. My heart is racing so fast right now I can't calm it down everyone just says it's aniexty I'm sick of living in fear every day I'm going to die!! Even tho I'm scared to die it's making me feel like I don't wanna be here no more because I don't want to feel like this no more. Constant chest pain constant rapid heartbeat constant thinking I'm going to die, I was fine normal teenage girl couple months ago then this is all happening I mean it's happening every single day for the last 5/6 months


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