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So last 4 days I've been feeling nauseous and no appetite and to top it off I've lost 4lbs since last Wednesday!

I have been stressing loads to the point I've broke down 3 times!

People keep telling me I'm fine and it's the stress and anxiety that's making me nauseous and no appetite, I'm saying it my colon cancer kicking into another gear!

Sorry to post again! But I feel so alone and depressed

I have to wait 2 weeks for some blood tests, doctors don't seem to concerned but we all no they make mistakes as we read about them!

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I am so sorry you feel so down ,big hugs from me, Did you have colon cancer?

I know that when I am stressed (which is everyday nearly) my tummy gets bloated nauseous and strange zinging feelings through the intestines, Fear is a beast that we need to overcome and it is one of the hardest illnesses to live with

I am a Hypnotherapist who can help my Clients but cannot seem to heal thine self

hugs Helen


Hello mckean32uk I am sorry for the way you feel I can relate. I too feel so depressed and alone. I am full of anxiety and always thinking of the worst. If you would like to talk just msg me. Vsal84


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