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So I've been doing really well.til this past 2 weeks ... my eyes have been really sore and seeing we stars and I've constant worry for them I've been constantly feeling really ill aka nauseous and that am goin to die I work 40 hours a week and also on my mind. Of loosing weight for my wedding.. I cant sleep and have irritable bowl syndrome which my stomach was in total pain ... can anyone give me advice???


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  • Hi xogemxo,

    It sounds like you're having anxiety symptoms, I also experience nausea and lately my stomach has been acting up real bad. Try to relax look for ways to relieve stress. You can try massage therapy or if you prefer you can have your hubby give you a nice massage, sex is also a great way to relieve stress and working out or doing yoga. If you are really concerned about your eyesight you can go see a doctor to make sure everything looks fine and once you get the OK you'll feel a whole lot better! Is there any chance you could be pregnant? I get the heavy task of trying to lose weight for your upcoming wedding but please remember your future husband loves you I know you want to look your best but don't be so hard on your self if you aren't able to get much off. You have a lot going on just take it one day at a time don't overwhelm yourself with thoughts of tomorrow or upcoming events just take it one day at a time! Remember you are not alone! :-)

  • It's a horrible feelin constant on edge lol thank u so much for ur reply hun I really appreciate it and will take on ur wee advice xx

  • Hahaha no chance am pregnant I have the coil in xx

  • Yeah I know what you mean I feel the same way lol & okay good no baby yet!

  • Haha no more I mean I have 2 already it's enough xx

  • Oh gosh I only have one and it's too much for me lol!

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