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Anyone obsessed with their heartbeat. I feel like mines all out of wack. I stand up after relaxing and and my heart beats slow and hard. Hard enough to notice and it scares me, or just randomly I'll be laYing down and Ill have this gut feeling like your about to fall off a cliff or somthing, i dont know if it's my heart or what. It only lasts like 5 seconds but still scary. I went to the doctor and he did some blood work the last time I was in and he said everything looked fine, my heart and lungs sounded fine. But i just dont know.. I'm only 21, anyone else deal with this? I'm also constantly checking my heart beat

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Yes, I felt my heart rate, and when it sped up I freaked out, then when it slowed down I freaked out. Then I was told your heart rate changes naturally when you breathe (a tad embarrassed about that). But now whenever I feel anxious I immediately feel my heart rate, and if my finger isn't in the right place and I can't feel anything I get so nervous, then I move my finger and my heart is beating fine. HAHAHA I can't help but laugh at myself.

Although I do have the honour of being the first person to have 100 heart attacks in a month with no physical symptoms which I think is quite an achievement :)


Guilty lol thats how i found out i suffered anxiety because i would feel my heart beat to fast to slow palpitations skipped beats i had to have a heart ablation due to the fact i had tachychardia at first they thought it was flutters but as soon as they went i to my heart it thrned out to be atrial ectopic tacy hardia wich my docs say im not gonna die lol but since im so intuned with my heart every small wrong move it makes it has me checking my hr i even downloaded an app on my phone that tells me what my hr is when its fast i get anxious when its slow i vet anxious and when i get palps i still get anxious i guess i just have to accept that thats my heart lol


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